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Herdd Bedding

HERDD Animal Bedding


Please Note this is a Pick Up Only Item. Pick up available in Tauranga or Rotorua.

- Please put in notes if you would like to pick up from Tauranga OR Rotorua. We will make contact with you once your order comes through to organise a pick time for your HERDD Bedding.

HERDD bedding is 100% natural pine bedding with no additives, giving your horses and farm animals soft bedding that is convenient, highly absorbent, low dust and environmentally friendly. 

HERDD bedding contains naturally occurring pine oils and hygroscopic properties which effectively reduce ammonia smells. Quick to place in situ, long lasting vs. traditional options (12+ months) and is easy to muck out and top up. Over the long-run we believe you’ll save time, effort & $$ with HERDD bedding.

Not only is HERDD bedding 100% natural, the bag is 100% compostable – use the empty bag as weed mat in your garden or throw it in your manure heap to compost. Alternatively, recycle it in council collection.

HERDD bedding is suitable for horses and foals, and all farm animals, including chickens, calves, pigs, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits and alpacas plus many more. 

100% natural NZ grown pine - low dust, no bark or additives, natural & hygienic

Highly absorbent, hygroscopic properties - soak up urine with naturally occurring oils & resins that assist in reducing ammonia odours

Convenient oversized 22kg bag size = less bags & less top-ups

Swells to multiples of its dry state (approx. 4x) – get a lot more, long lasting bedding volume in each bag

Long lasting – the unsoiled base bed, with good stable management & ventilation will last a long time (12+ months). We recommend 1 bag per fortnight top up, or as required

100% compostable bag – put it in your manure pile or compost bin

1 bag activated with water provides approx. 0.13 m3 of bedding. Therefore, 7 bags of HERDD bedding provides 1 m3 of bedding

For an average sized stable (4x4m), we recommend making a bed base with 7 bags (if you have rubber floors), or 9 bags (if no rubber flooring)

Show tip: Pack 2 or 3 bags of HERDD bedding in your truck or float for extra bedding in competition yards – ensuring your horse rests comfortably on a clean and fluffy bed before they enter the ring. 

Store in a dry place.

From forest to farm, HERDD uses only NZ owned and operated companies to deliver HERDD bedding, and through the process, we are proud to support The Attainable Trust, a NZ Community Participation program that extends the independence of its people with disabilities, helping them achieve goals and make meaningful relationships in their community. 

With the health of the environment firmly in our sights, we keep our printing and marketing eco-footprint minimal, while maximising our bag size and community impact. With HERDD bedding, minimise your packaging waste, while maximising your own convenience, animals’ comfort and support for local business.