Founded in 2014, Oro Equestrian has evolved into the premier choice in New Zealand for connecting with Europe's esteemed equestrian brands.

"My love for horses has been ingrained in me from as far back as I can recall. The scent of their presence, the gentle touch of their whiskers on your face, the thundering sound of galloping hooves—these are the elements that form an indescribable bond between horse and rider. Whether one aspires to reach the Olympic stage or simply enjoys a peaceful ride in the countryside, the connection with horses is truly unique.

Oro Equestrian has allowed me to forge a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates with my passion for horses. I wholeheartedly adore what I do!"

Warm regards,

Clare x

Owner/Operator of Oro Equestrian

Proud Exclusive Distributors for:

  • Anky
  • BR
  • Petrie Boots
  • WHIS
  • Woodshield Poles

The products available through Oro Equestrian have been carefully curated to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and practicality, both in the competitive arena and during training sessions at home.

We proudly stand behind the quality of all our suppliers, who offer a 100% product satisfaction guarantee."