Oro Equestrian was founded in 2014 and has developed into New Zealand's preferred choice to connect with Europe's premium equestrian brands.  

"Horse's have been a passion for me since before I could remember, their smell, how their whiskers feel on your face,...that sound of galloping hooves....the bond between horse and rider is the ultimate, the fact that anyone can enjoy being by a horses side is quite unique, to have goals to reach the Olympics one day, or to simply enjoy a quiet hack.

ORO Equestrian has enabled me to create a lifestyle alongside, my passion for horses! I simply LOVE what I do!" 

Clare x 

Owner/Operator of Oro Equestrian 


Proud to be Exclusive Distributors for 

  • Anky
  • BR
  • Petrie Boots
  • WHIS 
  • Woodshield Poles
  • Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester Equisafety UK 'Reflect' Collection 

    The products available to you have been hand picked to ensure quality and practicality for both the competition arena and training at home. 

    All our Suppliers 100% guarantee their products.