Petrie Boot Care

🌟 Petrie Boot Care Guide: From Sole to Knee 🐴✨

New leather riding boots exude elegance and style, and to ensure they maintain that allure, proper care is essential. Here are valuable tips to minimize wear and prolong the life of your beloved Petrie boots:

Tip 1: Clean immediately after riding

Bootcare sets are designed for immediate post-riding care, ensuring your boots stay in top shape. Horse sweat is detrimental to leather, akin to the effect of not drying off after a swim. Cleaning your boots right after riding removes sweat, dirt, sand, and harmful natural oils. A damp cloth or our cleaner is recommended for this task.

Tip 2: Never forget your boot care routine

Even when temporarily unused due to bad weather or injury, maintain your boots. Lack of care can lead to quick wear and potential drying out, resulting in cracks upon use. Regularly use a cream to prevent this.

Tip 3: Zipper or laces?

  • Riding boots with laces: Daily maintenance isn't necessary, but over time, laces may wear out. Replace them easily with special laces available at your local Petrie dealer.

  • Riding boots with zippers: Regularly clean the zipper with a brush to remove dirt, dust, and horsehair. Use Petrie zip spray afterward to optimize zipper function. Unzip boots completely when taking them off to prevent the sole from loosening over time.

Tip 4: Never let your boots dry next to a heater or radiator

Avoid drying leather boots near a heater, as this can cause them to dry out. If your boots are wet, a normal room will suffice for drying, ensuring it is not damp.

Tip 5: Special care for special leather

  • Coloured leather: Treat boots in special colors with color cream monthly to maintain vibrancy. For an extra shine in competitions, use a nylon pantyhose.

  • Patent leather: Clean with a damp cloth and use special lacquer polish for added shine.

  • Nubuck: Remove stains with a suede brush without rubbing. Weekly impregnation with a high-quality spray is crucial for durability and color enhancement.

Maintain your Petrie boots with these tips to enjoy their elegance for many rides to come! 🏇💖 #PetrieBootCare #EquestrianElegance #RidingBootMaintenance