ORO Dressage by the LAKE! @ Takapoto Estate

ORO Dressage by the Lake...a absolute DREAM!
Dressage has taken a LEAP forward!
A dream! for us ORO Equestrian, and for you the riders, support crew & spectators...Sunday morning I woke up almost pinching myself whether the day before was real?? Saturday was AMAZING!...the support we had in the VIP Marquee was mind blowing! Thankyou so so MUCH!
Sunday was a continuation of Saturday, the vibe was unreal! I really do hope that everybody took in how special this show was!
Thankyou to our team of dedicated riders! to have you on Team ORO Equestrian!
WOW how lucky we are...you ROCK!
Nicola Smith
Piper Crake
Madison Schollum
Brina Carpenter
Becki Williamson
Wendi Williamson
Clare x