Brea Walker NEC Taupo 3DE Results!

Not quite the fairytale ending to the season but I have the best, sound and healthy prince to bring home on the truck! 👑
SF Gryphon tried his heart out today in the Penny Homes sponsored class! He was bouncing around that SJ with the best round we have done together but a super light rail on the last fence was heartbreaking. Unfortunately it’s the sport but I was gutted for Gryph as he honestly had the heart of a lion in all 3 phases and deserved the recognition for his work. 🦁
He finished 6th in a super competitive class - an amazing result for his first ever long format and 3DE. What a horse for the future ❤️
Huge team effort to bring this result together this weekend.
My mum Carrie Walker and Jack Molloy - the best ground crew this weekend.
Judith Finch and Mike Finch - Gryphon’s incredibly supportive owners.
Dad - holding down the fort at home!
My sister, Tarryn Walker - for all the support and advice.
My personal sponsors - you guys are the reason I can do this sport and follow my dreams.
Dannie Lodder - the best coach I could ever ask for. Thankyou for picking me up from lows countless times this year and believing in. You are the best.
Ria Gunson - for all the fantastic nutrition advice.
Dominique Dainton-McElroy - Gryphon felt insane this weekend. For the Sj today he was fresh as anything thanks to your advice keeping him supple and happy.
Bring on a sleep in and time for a Gryphon holiday....he certainly has earnt it! Time to kick on with Ripper and turn him into the next member of my dream team! Who knows what next season has in store.... 😙