ARRO Helmets

We are thrilled to share that ORO Equestrian is now an official retailer of ARRO Helmets, acclaimed as the pinnacle of safety in the equestrian helmet market!
Unifying the unparalleled Snell safety rating - the highest achievable standard - and the advanced MIPS technology, ARRO Helmets deliver an unrivaled level of protection to keep you safe in the saddle. 🐴
Remarkably versatile, ARRO Helmets are a 4-in-1 solution, offering both small and large visor attachments, a detachable visor for the Cross Country (XC) aesthetic, and an optional chin bar attachment. Particularly for Eventers, this multipurpose design dramatically simplifies your helmet needs, covering all disciplines with a single helmet!
Beyond its safety and adaptability, ARRO Helmets boast a myriad of appealing features. From the effortlessly secure magnetic clasp on the chin strap to the sleek and durable helmet case it comes housed in - there is so much to love about these helmets.
ARRO is a brand with a passionate mission to elevate safety in the equestrian sport. Born out of New Zealand, these helmets are the result of meticulous design work by a dedicated family that has made no compromises on safety or aesthetics. Trust in ARRO Helmets - where safety and style ride together.
Note: Demo Helmets
Demo Helmets are available for you to book, we will send one out for you so you can look, feel & touch a ARRO helmet.
Note: Brea Walker
If you are based in or near Taupo, Brea Walker is around for you to take a look at her ARRO helmet & hear from her just how special these are.