• Premium

For overall health and longevity

Feed daily amount all year round.

Contains Selenium. Non-Selenium option also available.


All the macro minerals with their appropriate co-factors needed for optimal health and skeletal integrity.

All the trace minerals including 100% organic selenium, copper, zinc, chromium and MSM.

No banned substances.



    15gms per 100kgs Live-weight
    On the scoop enclosed 15mls = 15gms

    Mix in to plain feeds to ensure there is no doubling up of nutrients such as selenium. Check back labels of all feeds to ensure you are not inadvertently over-dosing your horse. Ideally have your veterinarian take a blood sample annually to check your horse’s levels.

    Non-Sel Premium is available for those people whose horses need to reduce their selenium levels. Feed for 3 - 4 months before retesting.


      Premium NZ Horse Minerals  provide all the daily essential macro and trace minerals with their co-factors to compensate for the fact that horses confined behind fences are deprived of the ability to forage a wide variety of plants.
      This economical choice does not compromise quality and is suitable for all equines including donkeys.
      Improves overall health, immune function, coat colour, hoof quality and movement. Reduces susceptibility to many frustrating conditions such as mud-fever, sunburn, abscesses, sarcoids, and viruses. Best results are obtained in conjunction with a high fibre diet.

      Safe to feed to pregnant mares and youngstock.