Premiere Bridle Nice

by: BR

This symmetric bridle is made of beautifully finished leather. Its softly padded headpiece is cut back around the ears and encrusted with a double row of subtle imitation diamonds. The narrow, curved browband features soft leather facing and is embellished in the same subtle way as the headpiece. The throatlash can be adjusted on both sides and the cheekpieces are fitted with buckles. The bridle has a wide, crank flash noseband (approx. 4.5 cm). The noseband is round raised, softly padded and equipped with a wide chin pad. The bridle features shiny, silver-coloured fittings made of stainless steel and comes with web grip reins. These reins are woven through with rubber for additional grip. The reins feature hand and rein stops and are 19 mm wide.

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