ANKY Close Contact Saddle

by: ANKY

The ANKY® Close Contact Saddle is made of high quality, ultra soft English leather. The knee rolls and seat are provided with non slipping leather. Specially designed panel cut provides exeptional withers and shoulder clearance. The ANKY® Close Contact Saddle provides a particular close relationship between rider and horse. The horse’s natural movement is supported by cut-away styling at the front of the saddle, which gives plenty of freedom for the horse’s shoulders and spine. The 3 point V-girthing is fixed for a well balanced and perfect saddle stability. The Saddle has soft panels for perfect adaption to the horse’s back. Surface-mounted knee rolls are contoured to offer support without restriction of the knees. The saddle is top stitched with grey stitching for optical embellishment.

Collections: Horse Wear, Saddles

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