ANKY Classic Saddle Smooth

by: ANKY

The ANKY® Classic Saddle is made of the finest English leather. The ANKY® Classic Saddle combines contact, comfort and balance perfectly. The finest materials have been combined with super craftsmanship. The ANKY® Classic Saddle is specially designed for those who prefer a deep seat for optimal core stability and contact. Knee support is limited to ensure free leg movement & free range of motion for advanced exercises. The square cantle is characteristic for the Classic Saddle. The form of the saddle-tree actually brings the rider into close contact with the horse and gives the rider extremely ‘deep seat’. The saddle has a wide, even and soft bearing surface with enough gullet width to keep the saddle clear of the horse’s spine. The 3 point V-girthing holds the saddle in place without putting too much pressure on the withers or the shoulders.


Collections: Horse Wear, Saddles

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