Calm Healthy Horses is a global leader in solutions for many of the issues afflicting domestic horses today. Such issues as Laminitis, head flicking (HS), sacro-iliac pain, spookiness, PSSM, EMS, Staggers - the list goes on.
All of these issues are resolved once the diet is right - for the horse.

Horses are adapted to, and thrive in, semi-arid (DRY) environments; it is by removing them to more temperate climates and confining them to small areas, thereby subjecting them to unsuitable forage & feed, that is the root cause of the health, movement & behaviour issues that have become so rampant.

Just like riding, nutrition is both a science and an art.

The science is about understanding the critical roles that minerals, vitamins and other nutrients play in running the equine metabolism, combined with the art of reading & evaluating the individual horse in his fluctuating environment.

Fluctuations in the weather, the seasons, fertilisers and pasture management alter the nutrient composition of the pasture grass which ultimately affects the metabolism of the horse.

Utilizing the  information on this website will be a game changer  for achieving your calm healthy horse.

Observe ~ Compare ~ Adjust ~ Review!